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Bob & Lush

Bob & Lush Gravy Wet Dog Food in Pouches

Bob & Lush Gravy Wet Dog Food in Pouches

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Bob & Lush Gravy is an outrageously tasty sauce for dogs. It comes in protion sized pouches to pour over each meal.

Gourmet sauce made by a saucier chef.

Bob & Lush gravy was developed by a saucier chef using gourmet techniques normally reserved for humans only.

100% Succesfull in taste tests.

In taste tests with extremely fussy dogs that refuse everything but human food, 100% of dogs ate Bob & Lush kibble and wet food once we poured Bob & Lush Gravy over it. All testing was done with dogs in their own homes and by their loving families, obviously.

Make every day special.

Bob & Lush kibble is made for everyday celebration. It is the simplest way to make every day special for your dog.

Ideal for fussy eaters.

Fussy eaters.

Older dogs.

Dogs that need a little help eating medications.

Puppies that are teething and prefer soft kibbles.

As a special training treat.

Key Features:

  • Bob & Lush Gravy. Make Every Day Special for Your Dog by Adding a Splash of Gravy
  • Portion Size Pouches. Just Pour Over Your Dog's Food
  • Developed by a Saucier Chef. Gourmet Sauce Using Techniques Normally Reserved for Humans
  • 100% Succesfull in Taste Tests. When Offered to Dogs That Normally Only Eat Human Food, All Our Test Dogs Ate Bob & Lush Kibble and Wet Food With With Gravy
  • Everyday Celebration. Your Dog Will Love It Outragously Tasty Sauce for Dogs - Bob & Lush Gravy
  • No Harmful ingredients
  • No Artificial preservatives
  • No Colourings
  • No Sweeteners
  • No Soya
  • No Wheat
  • No Eggs
  • No Dairy
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