Our Story

The tale of Bob & Lush is truly one-of-a-kind. It's a story born out of love and concern for our four-legged companions. My business partner, Alan, and I share an immense passion for dogs, but our own furry friends were struggling with various health issues. After extensive research and countless visits to the vet, it became evident that the root cause of their troubles lay in the subpar quality of commercially available dog food, filled with grains, cheap fillers, and questionable ingredients.

Driven by our unwavering commitment to our beloved pets, we embarked on a journey to create something extraordinary. Bob & Lush isn't just a brand; it's a heartfelt tribute to our own dogs, Bob and Lush, the inspiration behind it all. We crafted our recipes with painstaking care, ensuring that every ingredient meets the highest standards of quality. We exclusively use 100% fresh meat and wholesome vegetables, never compromising with cheap fillers or harmful additives.

For my own cherished companion, Lush, the transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Her persistent allergies ceased to torment her, and costly trips to the vet became a thing of the past. Witnessing this incredible change in her well-being fueled our determination to share this experience with fellow dog lovers.

We extend our heartfelt wish for your furry friends to enjoy the same transformative journey with our food. We've poured our hearts and souls into crafting the healthiest, most wholesome dog food possible, because we believe that every dog deserves nothing but the best.

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