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Bob & Lush

Bob & Lush Grain-Free Dry Adult Dog Food- Delicious 60% Duck Kibble

Bob & Lush Grain-Free Dry Adult Dog Food- Delicious 60% Duck Kibble

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The food is particularly well suited to discerning dogs, and each kibble is coated in duck liver to make it super tasty. This is critical for picky dogs, and hugely enjoyable for everyone else.

Health is as important as taste, and our food is made with juicy fresh vegetables. The kibble is gluten free, grain free and free from artificial preservatives, colorants and sweeteners.

Plenty of omega 3 and 6 for a shiny coat.

This kibble is rich in fatty acids with omega 6 (2%) and 3 (1%). Unlike most ordinary dog food brands that use non-specified fat sources such as animal fat, poultry fat, vegetable oil or generic fish oil, this kibble contains quality duck fat (2%).

Properly hypoallergenic with only one source of meat.

This kibble is hypoallergenic. Many dogs are allergic to common types of meat (like chicken and beef), and so we’ve also gone the extra mile to ensure that the only meat in this kibble is fresh duck. You can be sure that you are not feeding your dog ‘hidden’ meats with generic names such as ‘poultry meal’, ‘meat by-products’ or ‘animal derivatives’.

Made to mix with wet or our Healthy Chef cooked meals!.

Key Features:

  • The Classic Bob & Lush Kibble Delicious Dog Food Made From 100% Freshly Prepared Meat
  • 100% Freshly Prepared Meat Tastes Even Better
  • Mouthwatering 60% Duck Exquisitely Succulent
  • Natural Food No Gluten, Grain, Artificial Preservatives or Sweeteners
  • Complete Food With Everything Your Dog Needs. A Mouthwatering 60% Duck
  • No Harmful ingredients
  • No Artificial preservatives
  • No Colourings
  • No Sweeteners
  • No Soya
  • No Wheat
  • No Eggs
  • No Dairy

With the option of adding Bob & Lush Gravy.

Make every day you have with your dog special. With our sumptuous gravy, you turn your dog’s dinner into an everyday celebration. Just pour the gravy over your dog’s food to add an amazing flavour boost your dog will love - with only 15 calories per pouch!

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