What to Look for in Your Dog Food

Choosing the right dog food can be a crucial decision, especially when your furry companion's health is at stake. Whether you've welcomed a new puppy or your dog's current diet isn't suiting them, finding the perfect food is essential. I personally went through a series of trials with various brands before creating Bob & Lush. My dog, Lush, needed a wheat-free diet with plenty of fresh meat due to her health issues.

When comparing different dog foods, it's important to ask yourself these four essential questions:

  1. Does your dog receive all the necessary nutrients from their food? Opting for complete dog foods is advisable, ensuring your dog gets all the nutrients they need in each meal. Complete foods provide peace of mind, knowing that your pet's nutritional requirements are met conveniently.

  2. What is the quality of the meat, and are there any potential harmful ingredients? The quality of ingredients matters greatly. Look for foods with ample fresh meat and vegetables, and make sure it's wheat-free. At Bob & Lush, we're transparent about our ingredients. Check the list, and you'll find recognizable, high-quality proteins at the top.

  3. How clear is the packaging? Don't be misled by packaging claims. Always scrutinize the fine print to understand what's genuinely in your dog's food. We believe in transparency and are honest about the contents of our products. Some dog food brands use vague naming conventions, so be cautious. 'Duck and Potato' indicates a minimum of 26% of each ingredient, while 'Rich in' signifies just 14%, and 'With' means a mere 4%. Stay vigilant when comparing dog foods.

  4. Does your dog enjoy the taste? All the above questions are important, but your dog's approval is paramount. Dogs have highly sensitive noses, and they appreciate good-quality, wholesome ingredients. Lush and her furry friends loved the taste of fresh duck and lamb, which played a significant role in determining Bob & Lush's ingredients.

In conclusion, selecting the right dog food involves careful consideration. Bob & Lush offers wheat-free options with high-quality ingredients to cater to your dog's well-being.


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